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Art in the time of mayhem.
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Quo Vadis: Assamese Cinema
Art in the time of mayhem

Ever since we all remember, we the people in Assam are witnessing gradual devastations that have rocked the humanity; we continue to have sleepless nights thinking of the time ahead. Remember innumerable andolans; remember the senseless killing of Russian engineer Gritchenko, Sanjoy Ghosh, Parag Das or Dr. Dharanidhar Bodo family. If we go for a sensible analysis of the things mentioned it will become yet another blame game with everyone trying to embalm their furies and sorrows by projecting the fault to someone.
The things are no better even today.
Only one thing is for sure, these things are here to stay without any the heart will continue to beat with some missed bits and compensatory gaps.
That hurts and we can do nothing about it,
That hurts even further.
Now the question is what the role of an artist in such situations is.

If we look back then we can name few books (Kalantraror Gadya, Felani) but we are yet to have one Mrityunjoy portraying the contemporary Assamsese history, And what about films, (Surly Surya Tejor, Papori aren't enough both in content or in magnitude)
And about fine art, theatre?
In all theses we are nowhere in the national scenario (leave aside international).
Surely art and artist are independent in themselves.
But isn't it a debatable point?

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Image from Artist Guild's Protest Exhibition against Serial Blasts on 30-th October, Guwahati

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