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Quo Vadis: Assamese Cinema?
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'Quo Vadis' Assamese Cinema?
  • poor condition of movie halls
  • affect of moving theatre
  • affect of vcds
  • amateur attitude of the industry as a whole
  • blah, blah .....
  • -and the blame game continues, whenever a discussion of Assamese cinema pops up.

    Everyone seems to have a solution to the root cause!

    In seminars, film sections of the magazines, rare film festivals, all come up with solutions like:

  • making assamese movies tax free
  • government funding
  • mini cine halls, etc
  • but the discussions finish with one out come - acup garam chah. And with the smoke of the tea the future of assamese cinema also disappears, so disappears all those brilliant ideas.

    What do you think, lies in the future of Assamese Cinema?
    (the word Assamese cinema is used to encompass cinema from Assam)

    You can discuss a similar issue at

    comments on this discussion.

    Wednesday, September 24, 2008
    What else, do better professional works. Even better than the best taking a very different approach from Hollywood and Bollywood. But our industry seems to be going in the opposite direction
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    Wednesday, September 24, 2008
    what else. going professional. Not only in the monetary side, but also in efficiency and talent.
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    Friday, September 26, 2008
    If a film can engage the viwers then it can be said to be a good Cinema and this is what is lacking in our movies! I think, unintelligent imitation of Hindi movies makes Assamese cinemas so tasteless, as we have different culture and a different lifestyle compared to the hindi belt of India. A good story, based on our day to day events, together with some great camera work and fine editing can make our movies worth a view. Actimg skills are alright, I suppose!
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    Friday, September 26, 2008
    i believe a cinema of any origin needs a story to be seen and heard.more importantly it needs the reflection of the people who can identify their life within it.presently i believe its there.however wat lacks is the approach in which it is acheived.original score, cinematography and script needs to be revised a great deal.imitating doesn't help much and so also filming a dance sequence in the middle of traffic makes it all so all we need now are people who are willing to set aside people's demand for cheap entertianment and show our community and orginal way story telling.
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